With the population aging, there are more products than ever designed for seniors. Since it is often desirable and practical for seniors to continue to live in their own familiar homes independently, products that help them do so safely are attractive to seniors and their families. Medical alert services and equipment are at the top of that list. There are many companies selling many products in this category.

Some companies make products and services that they sell directly to you while they are also selling the same product and service to distributors who offer them to you. Our reviews differentiate the two.

First, however, we’ll break the category down into the various types of systems available.

Basic Medical Alert Systems

The most common medical alert systems have a button you can push if you need help, usually worn or carried by the user. The help signal is transmitted to a console connected to your phone. When a help signal is transmitted, the system will either contact an emergency response center or people (family, neighbors, etc.) you have asked be contacted.

If the emergency response center is notified, someone will first try to communicate with you by speakerphone to find out what’s wrong and get you the help you need. If they get no answer from you, they send emergency help. They may also notify your emergency contact list depending on the plan you have set up. Learn more about basic medical alerts.

Fall Detectors

Fall detection systems are a kind of medical alert system but they have technology that enables them to automatically detect if a person has fallen down without them having pressed a button. When the built-in sensors determine that there has been a fall, a signal is sent to a response center and the call center associate will try to communicate with you through a speakerphone. If there is no response, the center will contact someone from your emergency list or an ambulance or both. Learn more about fall detectors.

Mobile Medical Alerts

Another kind of medical alert system works in or out of the home with push button help that transmits using a cellular phone signal. If you push the button, it will automatically notify the responsel center. Like the other systems, the center’s associate will contact someone from your emergency list and/or emergency responders. Learn more about mobile medical alerts.


Prices vary for all these systems and it is important to know if there is a long-term contract for using the service. Many companies sell other products along with the medical alert system or include other safety services such as detection of intruders, fire, carbon monoxide, etc. Naturally it is important to know what you are getting for your money. You will also want to know the products’ accuracy rates if possible. Our reviews explain the products and services in-depth and rate them objectively.

Note: RatingLab is not affiliated in any way with any providers of medical alert products or services.