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Founded in 2006, CST-LTL is a provider of emergency response systems
including fall detectors, which it offers both directly and through various
distributors. When it acquired Link to Life Fall Detection Systems in 2009, it
added its monitoring center company which had been in business since 1979.
Now CST-LT offers fall detection systems with 24/7 trained professionals at its
two fully redundant, multi-lingual Care Centers.

CST’s Fall Detection personal emergency response system (PERS) includes a console with built-in, two-way speakerphone, wearable remote transmitter (neck pendant or belt clip) and other safety detection like smoke, carbon monoxide, inactivity and intrusion monitoring. The user can push the button to talk to the Care Center or if a fall is detected and the person is unable to respond to the representative on the speakerphone, emergency help will be called.

The system features power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 24-hour
backup battery and periodic programmable tests. Spanish and 177 different languages along with bilingual system announcements are available. Other accessories such as a lock box are available at an additional cost. Installation looks as easy as plugging it in although you can pay for professional installation.

CST-LTL charges a monthly fee and also charges for the fall detection alarm; the company offers other monitoring products at added costs.

The company does not make any accuracy claims for it fall detection products and does not describe the technology utilized. The website claims that their Care Center averages, on a daily basis, 2,700 calls, 20,000 signals, 2,100 support calls and over 200 actual emergencies.

There are a number of large distributors that use the CST-LTL products and
service and you can order from these companies instead of directly with CST-LTL, at competitive prices.

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