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myHalo Fall Detection clip

Halo Monitoring offers the myHalo system which uses accelerometer sensors and low power motion signal processing techniques to detect falls in various situations including when the person ends up propped against furniture or a wall. Caregivers are notified by text, email or a call from the call center, based on the person’s preferences. If needed, emergency responders are sent.

The myHalo device can be worn around the chest under clothing with a chest strap or on a belt clip. It tracks the wearer’s vital signs, sleep patterns and activity levels. The secure web portal allows family members or designated caregivers the ability to check on a senior’s situation without invading his or her privacy. The system can be integrated with Microsoft HealthVault.

A landline or computer is required. The system uses an external Uninterrupted Power Supply so if the power is out, the gateway uses the existing phone line to call during an emergency. The wearable device has a battery charge that lasts 48 hours and recharges in 1-2 hours. Most users recharge it daily for an hour.

MyHalo claims a 98% accuracy rate for catastrophic falls and 92% rate for more minor falls.

Authorized myHalo dealers can install the system and test it for a fee but it can also be done by the user with support from a representative on the phone. The service is month-to-month without a long-term commitment and can be cancelled without a fee. Better Business Bureau Accredited.

myHalo chest strap

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