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Life Station Watch
LifeStation provides 24-hour monitoring for elderly or disabled persons. The customer wears an alert button around their neck, on their belt, or on their wrist. The button is wirelessly connected to a phone line. When the button is pressed, a monitoring device calls to a 24-hour service center, where someone ca confirm the emergency and contacts the appropriate family members, neighbors or emergency responders.


  • LifeStation’s monthly fee is significantly less expensive than Philips Lifeline. Unlike how Philips Lifeline is generallly sold, LifeStation is sold directly to the public, eliminating the “middle man.”
  • There is no up-front “installation” or “activation” fee
  • Pendant battery lasts 4 years, according to the company
  • LifeStation has been in the medical alert business for 30 years
  • In our experience, LifeStation’s customer service was very responsive and helpful. There was no sales pressure applied.
  • 30-day return policy


  • LifeStation offers fewer equipment options compared to Philips Lifeline
  • The alert button devices are a quite dowdy. They look inexpensive.
  • The device must be installed by the customer
  • Not available in Canada

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