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Philips Lifeline's AutoAlert Fall Detection pendant


Philips Lifeline has been in the medical alert industry for over 35 years, has served over 6 million subscribers with its standard push-button pendant and service, and has been recommended by over 65,000 healthcare professionals. Their Lifeline with AutoAlert product is a pendant-style help button that automatically places a call if it detects a fall and you’re unable to push your button (you can still summon help by pressing the button at any time).

There is a helpful video on the company’s website that demonstrates how the system works. It describes how the system constantly monitors the person’s movements and activities to establish normal behavior and then registers changes in height and orientation to a horizontal position. After the sensors detect a fall, it allows the person 30 seconds to recover and if they do not get up it will automatically access help.

Lifeline’s 24/7 Response Center is company-owned and supported with a back-up Call Center. It’s staffed with trained Personal Response Associates. The equipment is self-checking which means it notifies the response center in case of a power failure or low battery. The system is available nationwide.

Philips claims to have a 95% fall detection accuracy rate.

There is no special equipment to buy and no long-term contract to sign. Better Business Bureau Accredited.

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