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Lifeline Medical Alert Pendant

Philips Lifeline provides 24-hour monitoring in the US and Canada for elderly or disabled persons. It is a heavyweight in this industry, with over 500,000 customers. The customer wears a small button which is wirelessly connected to a phone line. When the customer presses the button, a device in the home places a phone call to a Phillips Lifeline 24-hour monitoring center. A representative summons assistance from family, friends or emergency responders as necessary.

A sample contract for Lifeline services is here, with some key provisions highlighted.


  • Philips offers a wider selection of equipment options than most competitors, including an alert button built discretely into a Timex watch.
  • All of the alert buttons are attractive, which is important in making sure they are actually worn by the customer
  • Philips Lifeline is backed by a well-funded and highly reputable company. Philips Lifeline is a owned by the well-known Philips Electronics corporation, a Dutch company with many global operations. Philips manufactures health care, lighting and consumer lifestyle products. Philips Lifeline is located in Framingham, MA
  • Equipment is installed by a professional, so there is confidence that it has been done right. Homes with DSL or without unused phone jacks, for example, could present a challenge to an elderly customer.
  • Long pendant battery life (5 years)
  • In our experience with Philips Lifeline, a representative was able to clearly explain the system and the billing and then send an installer on short notice. The representative asked detailed questions about the elderly person’s medical history in order to have useful information in case of a call.
  • Available in both the U.S. and Canada


  • Because Philips Lifeline is generally offered through a hospital or other care provider, in effect you are usually paying a “middle man.” The services are in reality provided by Philips. Contracting directly with a service provider would typically cost less.
  • Equipment is rented, not owned, by the customer

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