Using GPS technology, ADT Health’s new On-The-Go Emergency Response System allows users to press a button for emergency help no matter where they are. MobileHelp developed ADT Health’s in-home medical alert system as well as the On-The-Go mobile medical alert device and sold it to ADT for distribution.

When the button is pressed to report an emergency on the small, wearable device, the user reaches a member of a trained ADT Health team. Although senior citizens are the key market for the product, families who have a child with a health condition may also become customers.

The long-term goal is to link the company’s health devices to ADT Pulse, the company’s smart-home product that lets users control lights, thermostats and other devices via smartphone. Don Boerema, who leads ADT Health, said,
“I can notify your next-door neighbor [when there’s a health emergency],” Boerema said. “I can immediately unlock the front door. I can turn on the lights and take a video clip. … I can be quicker from a response standpoint.”

The medical alert system created by MobileHelp was designed to work outside the home using AT&T’s cellular network. More than 100,000 customers subscribe to use the products on a month-to-month basis. MobileHelp has other distribution partners in addition to ADT but they each differ enough not to be in direct competition with one another.

ADT Health offers the On-The-Go system for $40 per month, with an optional $10 charge for a pendant that can detect when a user has fallen using an accelerometer.