Maryland’s Attorney General obtained a preliminary injunction enforcing an earlier cease and desist order against Glenn Chumley and his business, Medical Alert Buyers Alliance Corp. The AG charged Mr. Chumley and his company with preying on elderly consumers by selling them emergency alert devices and one-year service plans promising to connect them with an emergency alert center if they fell or had other medical emergencies, but then failing to respond when they needed help.

In December the AG entered a Cease and Desist Order requiring Chumley and his company to stop billing consumers unless he could provide the emergency alert services and until he posted $20,000 in security. Chumley and his company were also ordered to pay restitution to consumers and to notify his customers if he could no longer provide services and recommending that they find another medical alert service provider.

Last week, the AG filed a complaint in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County alleging that Chumley and his company were violating the order by not posting the required security and billing consumers for medical alert services that he was not providing. The AG also alleged that Chumley, of Odenton, had not informed his customers that they should locate another emergency services provider. The preliminary injunction bars Chumley and his company from offering and selling emergency alert services unless he posts a $20,000 bond, letter of credit or cash payment.