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"ASSA" is American Senior Safety Agency, VRI is Valued Relationships, Inc.
VRI has three pricing plans, and with the lowest monthly rate ($15) the customer must purchase the equipment for $175. Assuming the unit will be used at least 18 months, this is the best deal.
Top PickBrand & ModelOur RatingRangeRefunds (days)Initial CostMonthly costUser ratings
StarLifeStation Medical Alert System5-star400n/a$0$26-30[ratings id="118" results="true"]
StarPhillips Lifeline5-starVariesn/a$50-65$37-45[ratings id="116" results="true"]
VRI Medical Alert4-star250'-600'30$0-$50$30[ratings id="120" results="true"]
ADT Companion Service3-star300'none$150$33[ratings id="121" results="true"]
Rescue Alert Medical Alert System3-star600'30$0$28[ratings id="122" results="true"]
Senior Safety Medical Alert3-starn/a30$0$25[ratings id="123" results="true"]
Walgreens Ready Response3-star250'n/a$35$35[ratings id="117" results="true"]
Matrix Interactive Lifelink2-star100'30$289$0[ratings id="124" results="true"]
Life Alert Classic1-star150'n/a$200$50[ratings id="119" results="true"]